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The Hollies Kent Care Awards Dementia Carer 2017

Regal Care Trading's The Hollies team member Shelly Wesley is awarded Dementia Carer of the Year at the Kent Care Awards 2018.

The Hollies Residential Community in Tunbridge Wells is so proud of Shelly Wesley who was crowned Dementia Carer at the Kent Awards 2018 held by KiCA at the Leas Cliff on the 29th September.

Shelley Wesley has been with the company 4 years and 8 months. Her first caring job, Shelly started as a health care assistant until she became a senior carer.

The home's Manager, Gladys nominated Shelly because she had seen how she evolved and help herself to understand working in a dementia care home. She never thinks twice to help out regardless what time of the day; as long as it's for the benefit of the residents, even on her days off.

She has a knowledgeable and broad understanding of how dementia affects the daily life of each resident and she uses this to her advantage to be able to make a difference in each resident daily life at The Hollies.

She is well liked by all the residents as Shelley has a selfless and caring heart. Her dedication and loyalty cannot be faulted.