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Woodlands Nursing Home achieves 'Beacon status'

A big congratulations to Woodlands Nursing Home in Purley, Surrey is in order after hearing that they have achieved the highest possible status (Beacon status) in their Gold Standards Framework Accreditation. They are now part of the growing number of 'Solid Gold' GSFCH Accredited care and nursing homes, having successfully passed the 10th and final round of the Assessment.

It is no small achievement, and here at Regal we couldn't be prouder of manager Patricia Fyfe and her dedicated team at Woodlands. Their commitment and passion for nursing is a real joy to see, and to get the recognition they deserve for all their hard work is brilliant.



The Gold Standards Framework in Care Homes (GSFCH) Training Programme is now the most widely used care homes training programme in UK end-of-life care. It can assist commissioners and care homes to meet their local and national quality targets. The key aims are to improve quality of care and collaboration with GPs and reduce hospitalisation. The programme is a three-stage process:

  • Stage 1: Preparation (3-month preparation period)
  • Stage 2: Training and consolidation (four interactive training workshops over 9 months followed by 6 months embedding GSFCH)
  • Stage 3: Accreditation (the accreditation process involves accreditation check list, portfolio, After Death Analysis, GSF visit, panel for decision, i.e. defer, pass, commend, Beacon status)

To find out more about GSF go to