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Regal Care Trading, The New Era


In April 2015 a new era began for Regal Care Trading Ltd when new owner Kan Rajakanthan took over the helm with a strong and clear business strategy to move the company forward putting, the care of our Residents and the homes and communities that they live in central.

An already experienced and successful Care Home Provider of 12 homes in the South East, Mr Rajakanthan has spent the last year putting in to action the business strategy with the start of a vast rejuvenation, renovation and redevelopment of the Regal Care Trading homes. We have already seen extensive redecoration, redesign and new furnishings in a number of our homes.

The new owner has also brought on board a new Operations Director, Sarah Dean (RGN) and a new senior management team; Jacqui Gregg (RGN) Southern Manager, Glenda Barker (RGN) Northern Manager and Tracy D'arvigny Area Manager.

With the guidance of Mr Rajakanthan, the new Senior Management have established and implemented a more centralised vision for the structure of the company with new and stronger ethoses. So far it has seen improvements in all areas and our quality- monitoring audits carried out with our residents, family and staff show that the centralisation is working and propelling the company in to a new era.

A high standard and a person centred ethos of care is now one of the central strengths of Regal Care Trading Ltd

The importance of this type of care is recognised throughout the care industry and our aim is to provide positive person centred and rewarding care in all of our homes.

The reality of person centred care is achieved through our new company initiatives such as “Resident of the Day” our Leisure and Lifestyle Services and tailored staff training.

We have recentralised our training programme for our care staff team across the company putting in place a comprehensive and extensive training matrix through all departments. Thus ensuring that we are always striving towards providing a high standard of person centred care throughout our homes.

Our other company ethos are the 6 C’s; Adopting the 6 C’s and embedding them into the heart of the homes has meant that we are a more cohesive and effective team.  Care, Compassion, Courage, Commitment, Competence and Communication carry many different meanings within the care setting; it has also meant that we now have a central value to focus on.  We are committed to the 6 C’s and in turn this has meant a real focus on delivering excellence in care within the homes.

We look forward to sharing all the exciting news and developments with you as we continue on this new era at Regal Care Trading Ltd.